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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"action news" reporter jeff chirico joins us live at the scene with the latest developments. jeff. >> reporter: monica, police are inside collecting evidence in that home where they say the couple was killed. charged in their death is 28-year-old ryan coles, their son. now, this is a photo that we obtained his facebook page. chopper6 was over the scene this afternoon. a family member found edward and rose marie coles dead inside after coming to check on them when he was unable to reach them yesterday. both were in their 50's. police say coles was home when police arrived and he was taken into custody without incident. a neighbor just spoke with me a few moments ago and says he has had conversations with ryan coles several times over the summer while he walked his dog and he just thought something didn't seem right. >> he just seemed a little bit detached, maybe a little bit depressed. >> we really don't know that. the impression i had was like he was a little bit off.
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>> reporter: when you hear today what he's alleged to have done -- >> i can't believe it. that's pretty shocking. >> reporter: and back out here live police say it could be several hours more before they are completed with this scene. the family used to own coles music service in sewell. and sources say ryan coles does not have a criminal history but does in fact have a history of mental illness. we are told he is being held at this hour on $1 million bail. reporting live in west deptford, jeff chirico channel6 "action news." >> thank you jeff. pennsylvania state police say a missing three-year-old girl reportedly was taken by her father but lab found safe safe -- has been found safe in new york city. an amber alert was issued for eva byrne abducted by her father robert byrne sometime after midnight. she had last been seen in a town 20 minutes east of emergency rooms burg.
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-- bloomsburg. robert byrne was taken into custody. a woman is facing serious charges tonight after being arrested in the murder of a college student in delaware. 19-year-old malcolm evans was shot and killed on his way to work back on july 9th. today new castle county police announce they have arrested 46-year-old cheryl jennings in connection with that crime. they are still trying to figure out why she reportedly pulled the trigger. trish hartman live in new castle with details. trish. >> reporter: monica, police and the victim's family say they are thankful for the community's help in making this arrest. authorities say the investigation continues into the woman who allegedly shot the 19-year-old college student who they call an innocent victim. an emotional thank you came from terry evans grateful for the community's help and a break in her son's case. >> knowing that malcolm wasn't just our son and brother but he was everyone's son,
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brother, nephew, cousin and loved one. >> reporter: police announced the arrest of 46-year-old cheryl jennings about a month after they made a public plea for information from the community. she is charged with first degree murder, firearm possession during the commission of a felony and firearm possession prohibited due to a past felony conviction. police say she lives in the rutledge community where malcolm evans was driving to work on the morning of july 9th. a single shot was fired into his car and struck evans in the chest. >> throughout this whole situation we had the undivided attention and support and love of everybody in this community and as a family we can't thank you enough. >> reporter: jennings lives on terry court just off the road where police say the shooting and crash happened. a neighbor who doesn't want to be named says she saw investigators collectorring evidence at the house a few weeks ago. >> first time they came they he took two cars. they towed two cars. >> reporter: this week she saw authorities return to make the arrest. >> they were out just kind of walking around and then they
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looked like they were leaving and all of a sudden before you know the s.w.a.t. team was here and then you heard a sound that sounded like a cannon and obviously that was the front door. >> reporter: now, police say the investigation is not over and that's why they're not releasing the affidavit of probable cause so we still don't know a motive for this shooting. jennings is locked up in new castle county without bail. we're live in new castle trish hartman channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you trish. chopper6 over the scene in montgomery county this morning after this car lost control and slammed into the side of a how many times the impact caused a gas line to rupture. it happened at 11 o'clock on devon drive near berry avenue. officials had to evacuate nearby homes while they worked to contain the gas leak. fortunately no one was hurt. new tonight at six a-a-"action news" has learned that the fbi has requested documents from mayor jim kenney's campaign officers. officials have not revealed exactly what they may be looking for.
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we have requested a comment from the mayor's officers but we have not gotten a response. earlier this month federal agents raided the homes and officers of philadelphia city councilman bobby henon and electricians union boss john dougherty. there is no indication whether today's request of kenny's campaign is related to those earlier raids. vice president joe biden announced today the federal government is giving a 2 billion-dollar loan to amtrak to modernize rail service along the northeast corridor. mr. biden delivered the news at the wilmington train station. the funds will go towards buying new trains upgrading the tracks and making platform improvements. new technology on the trains is aimed at preventing train collisions and derailments. biden spoke fondly of the many workers he met riding from wilmington to washington for 36 years. >> they're my friends. they were with me. they're the guys and women on the phone when things went bad. even though i hadn't been on the road every day, they were the guys that showed up for
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beau's funeral. >> officials say the loan will allow amtrak boost seating by about 40 percent on acela trains traveling between washington and boston. to politics now. election day is two and a half months away and a local race is already heating up. democrat steve and brian fitzpatrick are vying to become. details on what is considered to be the most competitive race in our area. >> reporter: republican brian fitzpatrick trolls for votes. the the retired fbi agent is a political newcomb are but he has a pedigree. the hand picked choice of the gop bosss in bucks county the younger brother of mike fitzpatrick who is stepping aside honoring a self imposed term limit pledge. >> one of the things i really want to fight for is making sure -- >> reporter: democratic opponent is four term state
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representative the former history teacher says he fought to reform harrisburg is that ready to take on the big sharks in washington. their eighth congressional district is a traditional bellwether and includes all of bucks county and parts of eastern montgomery county. registration split is about equal from the top of the ticket to controversial figures loom heavy this cycle, hillary clinton and of course donald trump who fitzpatrick's opponent is using to hammer him. >> he's running on the the same ticket and he has said he sports donald trump so, you know, that includes all of the policies that donald trump has espoused. >> i have not endorsed any candidate in any race. >> reporter: will you endorse donald trump. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> reporter: santa star yo' says he's not a lock step democrat and has his differences with the clinton obama legacy. >> i disagreed with both the president and secretary clinton on the iran deal. >> for any party that does
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things or says that are inappropriate we have a duty to speak outgrowths that. i've done that. >> reporter: this eighth congressional race to be a close one and will receive a lot of national attention. as a measure of donald trump's impact on the down ballot races. in doylestown, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news". >> president barack obama is coming to philadelphia to campaign for hillary clinton on tuesday september 13th. the president will travel to the city to urge folks to register to vote before the deadline october 11th. he'll also encourage pennsylvanians to support clinton. no word yet where the president will be appearing. >> the philadelphia school district is helping students and parents get ready for a new school year. the district host add back to school education day at the school of the future in the city's parkside section. there were games and face painting for the kids while parents checked out different informational booths. and coming up on "action news tonight a special reunion in philadelphia brings together world two veterans
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who survived a secret mission. and the iconic departures board at philadelphia's 30th street station is being traded in for a newer model. we'll have details. >> our temperatures sored back into the 90's today and will likely stay there for awhile. i'll let you know how long in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> plus carlos ruiz left philadelphia today to join his new team. ducis rodgers has details in sports when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> after 35 years the ticking
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departures board at philadelphia's 30th street station could soon be a thing of the past. amtrak officials say it's obsolete and it's difficult to find replacement parts. a new digital board with easier to read displays and audio components will replace it. no replacement time line has been issued yet. >> ♪ >> new tonight at six a-a-it was a special day today for some local world two veterans who survived a secret mission back in 1943. original members of the marauders unit were reunited in philadelphia and "action news" reporter john rawlins was there with the story. >> it was like suicide mission to us. >> reporter: in 1943, the call from franklin roosevelt for 3,000 volunteers. hansel haycock's uncle said yes. >> they were told they were volunteering for a dangerous and hazardous mission. >> reporter: their mission goes deep into the jungle attack the chinese. gaylord was a young machine
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gunner. >> fought them all day long. they kept charging. one gunner, responding jack we called him he got it right away. sniper got him in the neck. >> reporter: how land would survive but was wounded and contracted malaria. >> there were leeches i guess like you and i would never believe and they caused infections and there was tie if you typhus. >> reporter: air drops was supposed to supply food but it doesn't always arrive says 93-year-old marcus boralis. >> when you go hungry for days you can eat anything you can get hold of. >> reporter: only 3,000 only 400 were fit to fight eight months later. today only a handful are alive. four of them this weekend joining youescendants.
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>> one american unit that was carrying out a mission. it was given by the president of the united states. >> i get choked up when i talk but they're just amazing people. >> reporter: john rawlins channel6 "action news". >> philadelphia letter carrier celebrated a milestone in his career today. 50 years of service. "action news" was at the main post office in west philadelphia this morning as coworkers gathered to clear for thomas tinder. he wiped away tears of joy as he was parend with a certificate and an engraved watch. >> i wasn't expecting all of this. i really wasn't. it's touching. >> he started his career in 1966 when stamps only cost a nickel. he says he's just a life long residents of philadelphia he loves his job. congratulations thomas.
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>> the action cam was in malvern this morning as students moved into their dorms at immaculata university. freshmen loaded up carts bins and their hands to get belongings into residence halls. parents pitched in too. classes begin next monday. good luck. sports now. ducis is here. phillies saying goodbye to number 51. >> strange not to see him in the phillies dugout and certainly stranger to see him in another uniform. phillies in new york to face the mets. carlos ruiz is in los angeles. long time phillies catcher traded to the dodgers yesterday. jeff skversky caught up with him at the airport. >> real sad. >> reporter: carlos ruiz is sad to leave philadelphia this morning after 11 seasons with the phillies, the only team he's ever known, ruiz is packing his bags. for l.a. and the dodgers. as you leave this airport at a and go to los angeles as excited as you are, is there a piece of you that's sad? >> i mean, it was -- it was
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real sad. today when i leave from my house in jersey it was tough. it was hard to walk away. >> reporter: it's also hard for phillies fans to see chooch walk away after all the memories. the former phils catcher helped them win five straight nl east titles and the 2008 world series. his fondest memory. how much do you love these phillies fans? >> the best fans in the world. i say thank you. the whole city is in my heart. i just want to say thank you. >> reporter: ruiz tells "action news" waiving his no trade clause was a tough decision because the fans are a part of his family. the 37-year-old wants another shot at a world series and he'll get it as he's reunited with chase utley. >> i going to be happy to see chase there. he's one of my favorite teammates. >> reporter: and another philly is gone ruiz catches this flight so he can catch up with his new teammates the
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first place dodgers. jeff skversky, channel6 "action news". >> the eagles had a walk through this morning before departing for indianapolis. tomorrow they'll face the colts in preseason game number three. everyone is waiting for sam bradford and the first team offense to give us some to go get excited about. the unit hasn't been sharp. as the old saying goes winning isn't everything it's the only thing except when it comes to the preseason. >> it feels good to win games but at the same time, too, you also understand the dynamic of preseason you're playing a lot of guys. we'll get a better feel obviously this week and see where our guys are at and you get to the regular season things turn up a notch. >> sixers need another big man like i need a suntan. that said the sixers acquired 7-foot three center price from the jags in exchange for kendall marshall and a pair of 2017 draft picks. the soul will face the arizona rattlers tonight in arena bowl 29. been a long time since the soul won it all back in 2008.
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jaime apody caught up with soul owner ron jaworski. >> how exciting is this you guys playing for a chip? >> it's very exciting. you know, it's a world championship of arena football and you know you hear and see these guys around these guys you get excited for them. this coaching staff, the players, the entire organization. put a lot of time in. >> and that's a look at sports. >> thank you ducis. and cecily tynan's next with the accuweather forecast for your weekend and more. we'll be right back.
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>> certain the heat is on. meteorologist cecily tynan is here. >> and it will stay on but the humidity levels are dropping. >> that's good.
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>> i think the weekend is going to feel a little bit better than today. >> all right. >> not quite as oppressive. storm tracker6 live double scan showing no rain out there, very few clouds intact. the action cam in brigantine today where we had a land breeze all day long so the green heads were definitely biting. plenty of sunshine and it was hot on the beach. in fact, the heat index really highest right along the coast where dewpoints are a little bit higher. cape may feels like 95, atlantic city airport feels like 96, philadelphia it feels like 93 and the heat index in wilmington currently 94. satellite6 along with action radar showing we are all clear. we had a cold front move through earlier today with very little fanfare. a few clouds, a couple spotty sprinkles. behind this system high pressure builds in for the weekend and that will keep us warm and dry. tonight clear skies, humidity levels dropping so a little more comfortable than last night, 73 in philadelphia, 64 in allentown. cape may 73. and wilmington 71 degrees and the weekend in a nutshell is
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going to be hot and sunny. tomorrow 92 degrees but dewpoints in the upper 50's. so, feeling pretty nice and then on sunday, it will actually feel about the same, 90 but dewpoints in the low 60's so humidity will be up a tick but not oppressive on sunday. we're not talking about dewpoints in the 70's fortunately. heading into the weekend there is a concern of rip currents. the reason why, tropical storm gaston. it's 1800 miles away from land. this will be a fish storm. that is got together have any direct impact on land. the problem though that storm is strengthening. could be a category one or category two hurricane by the end of the weekend. we will be feeling the long period swells along the shore, also with the sea breeze that on shore wind that will create a moderate risk of rip currents tomorrow. so, definitely don't wand to go swimming where lifeguards aren't on duty. don't swim at night. the water temperature is 69 degrees. i think that risk of rip currents will increase on sunday and especially early next week but on the beaches it will be beautiful with that
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sea breeze. it's not going to be too hot. 83 degrees on saturday. plenty of sunshine and sunday very nice as well, 81 degrees. don't forget the sunscreen if you're heading down the shore. taking a look at the tropics this system will not be affecting us. it's a tropical wave. it's very disorganized. the center of circulation is north of cuba but all the thunderstorms all the convection east of the send. this will continue to track towards the northwest. ones it gets past the florida straits into the gulf of mexico this has a 60 percent chance of becoming tropical storm hermine and that could bring a lot of heavy rain to the panhandle of florida early next week something i definitely will be tracking. so back at home the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a lot of 90's on this board. 93 degrees tomorrow but lower humidity. pretty decent weather if you're heading to the union game on sunday slightly more humid with a high around 90. if we hit that 90 this is officially heat wave number six. monday is when the muggies return.
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92 degrees. tuesday steamy, 91, possibility of some scattered thunderstorms. i think we have a better chance of some thunderstorms wednesday afternoon ahead of a cold front. 93 degrees and look at this. as we end august, the hot of the august in philadelphia on record, thursday first day of september looks like relief will be arriving. 87 degrees, so cooler for the eagles game and friday should be gorgeous, low humidity and comfortably cool weather with a high of 82 but this weekend is going to be hot. a good weekend to maybe hit the pool or hit the beach but be careful with that rip current. >> thank you cecily. finally tonight the pennsylvania spca is celebrating national dog day today with a special add dom dropping event. "action news" was at the spca's philadelphia headquarters in hunting park today where folks were able to adopt a dog for just one dollar. that event continues until 8:00 tonight a couple more hours it's in fishtown and danville centers. the goal of course to give forever homes to as many dogs as possible. abc world news tonight
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with david muir is next here on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 tonight on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. and then of course join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel six. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers jim gardner the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night. we hope to see you right here at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. an abc news exclusive. the young american daughter kidnapped by isis. her parents making a direct plea to isis themselves. tonight, right here, what they say the president promised. and now, the white house responding. also tonight, the airport security scare. a man driving a truck right into a jet, terrified passengers onboard. a community in shock. two nuns murdered. and now, the urgent manhunt at this hour. shot by mistake. the armed robbery. the homeowner, the husband who calls police. he and his wife need help. police arrive, and the homeowner is shot by mistake. and, the tropical threat. we're tracking the system right now. getting closer to the u.s. ginger zee is right here.


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